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Trasition Saga Part II

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SO I called my PMD (a real one who is not a geneticist, does Pap Smears and make me feel not like a pariah) and while I am waiting for her to call me back. One of my classmates over hears me talking in the house staff lounge and suggests PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehab)gently and sweetly. I get a referral and then call to make an appointment:

Amy:  Hi, this is Amy. I’m a patient of Dr. PMD. I need to make a PMR appointment.

Random Medical Assistant (RMA): OK well when are you free?

Amy: July 25 and 26.

RMA: When else?

Amy: July 25 and 26

RMA: Are you going out of town?

Amy: No. I work as a pediatric resident at Childrens.

RMA: What are your hours?

Amy: 6 AM to 6PM and every fourth day 3o hours.

RMA: Oh…. Let me transfer you.

Amy: Hi, this is Amy, Patient of Dr. PMD. I need to make a PMR appointment and I have some scheduling issues. I am a resident at Childrens.

RMA2: What do you need out of the PMR appointment?

Amy: I have a rare form of arthritis that I was born with. I had a hip replacement in 2009. The other hip now is deteriorating. I need a steroid shot to help me be able to keep working.

RMA2: Oh….well how about Dr. PMR1, she is an expert in acupuncture.

(oh for the love)

Amy: Does she do hip injections?

RMA2:  Yes and acupuncture. You could also see Dr. PMR 2.

Amy: Whats the difference?

RMA2: Well PMR 1 is a girl, PMR 2 is a guy. and PMR 1 does acupuncture.

Amy: Do they both do hip injections.

RMA2: Oh yes.

Amy: Who can see me July 25/26?

…..a 15 minute repetitive conversation ensues about the fact that I work 80 hours a week and have these two days off….finally I secure a appt with Dr. PMR 1 who of course only has availability at an office 30 minutes away from where I live.

RMA2: Do you have back pain? Neck pain?  Knee Pain? ….

Amy: No…No…No…No…just hip pain.

RM2: Is this a worker’s comp case?

Amy (who has now been on the phone for 35 minutes):  No its a being born comp.

RMA2: You were born with hip pain?

Amy (at the point of throwing the phone across the room): SO July 25 7:45 at Office Far, Far, Far Away and Dr. PMR 1 can do a hip injection that day and you scheduled enough time for this?

RMA2: Oh yes, yes, yes plenty of time for her to do acunputure or the shot.

Amy: Thank you.




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